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The ultimate UNISEX weights program for gym goers looking to get the most out of those daily sessions. Guidance and structure that is proven to work.

This program has been specially designed to increase strength through hypertrophy focussed training. Do not be fooled, the workload will assist in stripping excess body fat if followed adequately, and with a robust daily intake of foods that suit your dietary requirements.

You will:

  • Target the big four compound lifts
  • Strengthen your supporting muscle groups
  • Build strength endurance
  • Tone your physique
  • Gain muscle
  • Work off excess body fat with structure and guidance

The Industrial Monster program, by Industrial Fitness, is designed by qualified fitness professionals with backgrounds ranging from military, law enforcement, and private contracting. We have high level experience in our backgrounds as well as owning gym’s or training individuals and teams for a variety of outcomes including military and police specialist selection, strongman training, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit, and various levels of functional fitness.

Each of the 12 weeks will be delivered to you in a PDF format which will be emailed to you in a link you can download straight to your device after purchase. You will be physically and mentally challenged to complete the required workload. You will be progress tested along the way but the accountability to complete the assigned tasks will be up to you.

This program will challenge you both physically and mentally to complete the assigned workload. You will have to work hard but your efforts will reflect your increase in both strength and mass. Along the way you will catch a glimpse into the life and motivation of our team.

Do you have what it takes to be the Industrial Monster?