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The Complete Strength & Conditioning Program

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Key Components:
  • 1 Workout per day
  • 13 Weeks in Program
  • Rest, Recovery & Periodisation
  • Establish Baseline Metrics
  • Accountability
  • Direct Access to Coaches & Support
  • Build Strength
  • Build Stamina
  • Functional Circuits
  • Access on your Mobile via our App
  • Monthly subscription

Get the Complete Strength & Conditioning Program subscription and receive full access, including our coaches & staff.

You’re going to the gym and busting out that same basic routine you’ve been at for years  because it worked 6 years ago? Stop being lazy. Because that's what sticking to the same program is making you. Complacent and comfortable.

 The Strength & Conditioning Program is broken into 3 Volumes and includes a baseline week which has been designed as a structured Strength & Conditioning Program that can be used by anyone who has an established level of fitness.

Results in a fitness setting are achieved by shocking the body - This might come as a surprise, but if you're comfortable, there is no shock. No shock, no progress.

We're not selling you a "secret formula" or some "program the fitness industry wants to keep a secret." If it smells like bull, it probably is. We're not selling shake-weights, or 7 minute abs. We take this seriously, so should you.

If you put in, and you have the right mind set to stick to these programs, you will achieve the results you are after.

What is included in the Complete Strength & Conditioning Program?

Testing Weeks -  week 1 & 13 are there to establish your current and final fitness during the program.

Phase 1 - 4 weeks of solid weights training. There is an extra week of testing for those who do not complete the lead in. You will need access to a gym. You will be pushed to lift heavy and lift correctly whilst promoting recovery.

Phase 2 - 3 weeks of functional high intensity training. You will still need access to a gym, and we will still hit the weights. You are going to need some ticker to get through this book. We are here to forge modern warriors. So we have designed this program to do just that, but it’s only a tool to your success.

Phase 3 - 4 weeks of combining the first two months followed by a final week to test your progress. You will be pushed just as hard, we will continue to introduce more advanced movements and we will see just how much we can get out of you.

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Brandon M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Insane program!

Firstly this Program was absolutely insane. A perfect amount of progressive overload and conditioning. I made amazing gains on this program with the main lifts as well as calisthenic movements such as push ups and pull ups. I cannot recommend this program enough, this program was also perfect for me to build a stronger base and led me into the Operator Athlete program. I highly suggest smashing this program out, if you are a beginner - moderate level athlete looking to take on one of the harder programs in the future. good work team

Taleah D.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Better than the others

I've done a few workout plans, especially those in emergency services or ADF backgrounds and this one tops them all, easy! Highly recommend.

Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Best program I've ever done

Starting the program I was sitting at 17% Bodyfat, poor cardio and average strength. I've seen amazing results from it, now sitting at 12% BF training since March 23. My cardio and conditioning has improved immensely, taking 6 minutes off my 5km time, 2.4km time has improved by 3 minutes as well. My work capacity has increased, resting HR lowered as well as seeing strength improvements across the board. If you've got some grit in you, have a crack - it's worthwhile.

Kris A.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Clutch Programming for LE

This is my 3rd IF program and Sam hasn't left a stone unturned. A great resource for anyone in a LE operational environment if you care about coming home at the end of taskings.

Michcell L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Well programmed sessions

So far, 3 weeks in, I'm really enjoying the rep ranges and volume with this program. Very well thought out and a nice user friendly app. It's a good balance of work and active rest which keeps me accountable and consistent. Seeing improvements already and loving it.