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How Does The App Subscription Work?

Choose Your Program

Each program is designed by qualified and experienced professionals to meet an end state or goal. Decide what you want to achieve and make your decision. If it's not right first go we will explore other options.

Subscribe At Checkout

Your Subscription to the app will automatically populate in your cart at checkout. $5 p/m payment which gives you full access to our app including your program, instructional videos, metrics tracking, Nutrition Guidelines, our latest workouts and regular training updates.

Receive The Link

We will set up your account and email a link for you to download our App through Google with Android or iOS with Apple.

Open your App and finish creating your account.

Start Training

Your program and all the features you have signed up for will be available inside the app. Some are PDF's, the more detailed programs have videos and tutorials to assist you throughout.


Cancel anytime after the programs completion time for free. Cancellations prior will incur a fee.



Continually develop and challenge the market standard to provide the best practice, evolving our own knowledge base and building the IF TEAM. Provide old school training technique using a modern approach.

Continually expand our merchandise and apparel range using only the best quality tested product.

Develop a community focussed on, and driven by positive outcome. Expand into the Veteran and first responder space to provide support, guidance and build the modern generation of support network.


INDUSTRIAL FITNESS is a key figure in the fitness, Veteran, & first responder communities. The brand successfully leverages its success to benefit the community.

INDUSTRIAL FITNESS is able to provide transitional strategies to for both Veterans and First Responders.

INDUSTRIAL FITNESS has the ability to leverage its own growth to support business, groups or individuals in the community to reach their goals.

Giving back

The concept of 'giving back' was introduced by the Industrial Fitness founder. The idea is to leverage the success of the business to give back to the community.

In the case of Industrial Fitness, we are Australian Veterans and First Responders, and this is still exactly what we intend to do, we will endeavour to affect change personally to any Veteran, ex serving member or first responder who may benefit. 

Studies have shown that regular exercise can be used to combat the symptoms of PTS, and can help with depression and anxiety that has been noted in soldiers or first responders transitioning into different roles. 

You will still find us present and in full support of any charity event we have the opportunity to attend.

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