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Military & Police Prep Program

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If you want to join the MILITARY or POLICE this is for you.
CHARGED MONTHLY X 2 that will give you direct access to our coaches through the TRUECOACH app you can download to your device.
YOU WILL BE EMAILED A LINK to set up your account with us within 24hrs of purchase. We take your decision to train with us seriously, so we personally set up every account!
You will be challenged at any level of fitness to begin this program, it will build up over the 10 weeks to make YOU ready. We just require YOUR COMMITMENT. 
Key Components:
  • PFA Preparation
  • BEEP TEST specific training 
  • Meet the physical standards required
  • FUNCTIONAL training
  • 1 Workouts per day
  • 5/7 days per week
  • 10 Weeks in Program
  • Dedicated RECOVERY & MOBILITY sessions
  • Establish Baseline Metrics
  • Direct Access to Coaches & Support
  • Access on your Mobile via our App

This is a subscription program. YOU will be charged weekly for 10 weeks. YOU CAN PREPAY & SAVE 10%. You will receive an email to sign up to our app for your training within 24hrs. 

The structure of this program is based on training 5 to 7 days a week, including rest/recovery days. We provide specific mobility sessions picked by our Combat Veteran and Active First Responder (Police) coaches. 

You will receive sessions designed to build outcomes for success in the Military and Police. These include meeting the pre-requisites for the recruitment phases. We have completed these ourselves, so we understand the dedication and commitment required.

Some sessions will have options to suit your specific goals. 

You will require access to a well equipped gym, a backpack or weighted vest, a pool (with options if you do not), as well as the ABILITY TO THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

The program incorporates the correct rest periods and protocols for adequate recovery. As an important side-note, nutrition is extremely important whilst conducting this program and we strongly advise you don't limit your caloric intake. We won't be dishing out nutrition advice, except for these little gems; 
Fat people diet, athletes eat.