How is the training delivered?

We have an online platform for both the training programs and communication with our coaches called Trucoach - this is available through an app on iOS for iPhone and chrome/ internet browser on Android.


How do I pick the right program?


Where are you based?

We're a 100% online Australian, Veteran & First-responder owned business located in QLD, Australia.

Can I cancel my Strength & Conditioning subscription at any time?

Yes you can. Your subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis, if you wish to cancel you may do so. The remainder of your subscription will remain active until 30 days have passed since your payment date and you can re-subscribe at any time in the future.

If you wish to cease immediately we will refund the balance minus an admin fee.

In order to cancel you will need to contact your coach, it's simple - send a message on the app or email the site.

Anyone experiencing financial hardships can contact us directly for a case-by-case amendment to this.

Can I pause my program?

Yes you can pause your program, it's best to speak to your coach about the most logical place to pause the program & where to re-start it again as the programs are primarily designed for consistency during training.

I don't have time to train, how am I supposed to get fit?

Would you rather work out for 30 minutes a day, or be dead for 24 hours a day?

Do you do nutrition and diet programs, or what kind of food do you advise I should be eating when training?

No, instead we provide you the knowledge to learn what is best for you individually. This is to help you maintain a healthy yet enjoyable diet that you can take ownership of. We feel your health is your responsibility and not some one who claims to be an expert of every single persons needs with a one stop fits all approach.

Check out our Nutrition Guidelines if you want to learn more.

What's your favourite motto/ inspirational quote?

Being smart is important, but having big biceps is importanter.

Stronger, Faster, Harder to kill.