About Us

 Sam - founder

Sam, the founder of Industrial Fitness; started out as the Strength & Conditioning Coach and a Director of another fitness organisation. His passion for tactical and functional fitness training and desire to give back to the community has lead to the inception of Industrial Fitness. 
Sam has produced hundreds of programs for a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, having received consistent positive feedback and a 5 star rating from all customers. 

Sam has a Military and tactical background with over 13 years service and over 6.5 years combined experience working in hostile environments. This is where he built the foundation for tactical and functional fitness along with the necessity to adapt training methods to suit the desired training outcome. Sam has all the relevant qualifications and continues his study daily to improve the quality of service at Industrial Fitness.

 The Team

The rest of the team at IF consists of former and current Military and Tactical Coaches who, due to their active status - remain behind the scenes.

The Mission

Our mission is to develop a community that supports and gives back. To design coaching programs that affect real change in people. To build a business model that supports the Veteran and First Responder community.

The goal we share remains paramount to our success, we maintain the philosophy that the larger the business is, the more leverage we have to assist those who need it within the community.

Industrial Fitness has from its inception thrived on the belief that if we can help one person, or one thousand - we will do everything we can to achieve this goal.

Our mission began post service within the Australian Military, whilst contracting in the Middle-East by simply helping friends either ex-military or otherwise who had lost track of their personal health and fitness . After creating a number of programs we identified there was a broader need for not only an easy and manageable product but proof behind the product in order to target this space. This too was the birth of the motto - "We will never release a program we have not trialed ourselves". So if it hurts, we know.


Our devotion to this goal has seen us develop more ways in which we can help change the lives of those in the community, with your support we can continue to expand this growth.