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Every dollar you pay goes towards helping a Veteran with Cancer fight his battle and enjoy time with his wife and two young children.

It is with great sadness we acknowledge the recent passing of VALE BRENDAN NIKOLAJEW on the 26th of July 2021. Brendan leaves his wife Leah, and two amazing children Georgie & Roman.

A friend, and a Brother to us here at Industrial Fitness.

We will continue to donate every cent from this product to Brendans family through his GoFund me.

Brendan's fight against terminal cancer

We are giving you the opportunity to receive world class coaching - and, support a charity at the same time. Pay what you can afford. It's simple, we donate 100%.

Fit For Duty is a 21 Day program designed for those who have access to a gym, and have the desire to use it but aren't entirely sure how. You want to go but often the 'gym brah's' and 'stringlets' can be intimidating/annoying while you try to figure out what to do next. So, to ease that, we have designed 21 days to teach you how to use the gym efficiently and effectively - you aren't average, so don't train that way.

We know there are members of our community, be it Military Veterans, Police, or other First Responders out there who need a little direction to maintain physical, and in turn psychological health. It's why we want to use our knowledge to help them, and in turn help others.

As a result of your service do you now find it hard to stay on track with physical activity? Find it hard to maintain a healthy routine? Do you feel that getting back any level of fitness is out of reach? if this is you and you think a little direction could get you on track, then this program is designed for you.

Best of all: we're not asking you to pay us some crazy amount for it!

Why don't we want you to pay us?? We are here to give back, to build on our community and show that no one gets left behind. We have the ability to help - it's why we do this, therefore, we want to pay it forward. This process has to start somewhere. 

So instead of paying us you can, at your own discretion, donate what you believe it's worth to charity.

We have chosen Brendan Battle

This product is a gift from us to you. A way to start the chain of giving back and helping each other in our community. 

Remember, you can claim charity donations on tax - and we will send you a receipt. What more reason do you need really?

Physical training is a low-cost, widely accessible activity known to provide multiple health benefits, including cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal health, as well as reduced rates of co-morbidity and mortality. Moreover, aerobic exercise is not associated with the stigma of standard mental health treatment. There is growing evidence of the beneficial effects of exercise on mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety. According to recent well documented studies; ‘Aerobic exercise may also reduce PTSD symptomatology across a variety of populations providing evidence for the clinical utility of exercise as a form of treatment.’